Vesting Requirements

Earning Service Credit

Contributions and vesting for participants are determined on an individual department basis.  Each department member is earning service credit based on attendance at Calls, Trainings, and Meetings vs the total Calls, Trainings, and Meetings that their department has for the calendar year.  Points are allocated based on the following formula: 55 points are allocated based on attendance at fire calls, 35 points are allocated based on attendance at trainings, and 10 points are based on attendance at meetings. The Board felt that it was important that attendance at all three activities was essential to being an active member of any department. Members who earn less than 30 points are not eligible for any vesting or State Contributions.

An example of the calculation formula is as follows:      

  Calls Trainings Meetings Total
Member Attendance 55 28 10 93
Maximum Department Attendance 70 45 12 127
Contribution percentage 78.57% 62.22% 83.33%  
Total Potential Points 55 35 10 100
Points Earned 43 22 8 73