Investment Options

The current mutual fund options give participants the ability to select funds with different investment perspectives. We offer a wide selection from target date funds to stable value funds for the newer investor to funds focused on Small Cap and International investments. Our goal was to present a wide range of good mutual funds that will allow for your LOSAP contribution to grow until you decide to retire. 

Our Current Fund Lineup! Check out each individual fund on their website to make sure that you are investing in the funds that accomplish your investing goals:

Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund Admiral - VEMAX

Fidelity International Capital Appreciation - FIVFX

VALIC Company International Growth - VCINX

Vanguard Developed Markets Index Admiral - VTMGX

VALIC Company International Socially Responsible - VCSOX

Dodge and Cox International Stock - DODFX

DFA Real Estate Securities - DFREX

VALIC Company Small Cap Growth - VVSGX

Vanguard Small Cap Index Adm - VSMAX

VALIC Company Small Cap Special Value - VSSVX

Vanguard Extended Market Index Admiral - VEXAX

VALIC Company Mid Cap Strategy Growth - VMSGX

Vanguard Mid Cap Index Admiral - VIMAX

DFA US Vector Equity - DFVEX

Fidelity Blue Chip Growth - FBGRX

Vanguard US Growth Admiral - VWUAX


Jansen Quality Growth J - JENSX

Vanguard 500 Index Admiral - VFIAX

VALIC - US Socially Responsible - VSRDX

VALIC - Systematic Core Fund - VCGAX

Vanguard Windsor II Admiral - VWNAX

Vanguard Target Date Funds

Vanguard Target Retirement Income Fund - VTINX

Vanguard Wellington Admiral Fund - VWENX

Fidelity Strategic Dividend and Income Fund - FSDIX

Fidelity Convertible Securities - FCVSX

Dodge and Cox Global Bond Fund - DODLX

VALIC Company Core Bond Fund - VCBDX

Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Admiral - VBTLX

VALIC Company High Yield Bond Fund - VHYLX

DFA Inflation Protected Securities - DIPSX

FIX Interest Option/Stable Value Fund