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This site offers information about the LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program) for firefighters and EMS personnel in the State of Maine.  The program is administered by a Board of seven trustees that are appointed by the Governor, with members of the Maine Fire Chiefs Association, the Maine State Federation of Firefighters and Maine Municipal Association.  We meet on the second Monday of the month, unless it is a holiday then we meet on the third Monday, at the Maine Municipal Association Building in Augusta (Out behind the Augusta Civic Center) at Ten O’Clock and our meetings are open to the public.

The LOSAP program rewards firefighters and EMS personnel for service to their communities in the State of Maine with contributions to a retirement program.  Contributions can be made from three funding sources: the federal government, individual municipalities, and the State of Maine.  Currently, there is no state funding available for LOSAP, but the Board is working on getting the program established to qualify for funding from the State of Maine.

Our Governing Legislation

Governors Supplemental Budget Funding

Specific Section of Supplemental Budget funding LOSAP

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