Enrolling in your retirement plan is easy!

Enrolling in Length of Service Award Plan is as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you would like to enroll there are two steps that must be completed.  To prepare for enrollment ensure that you have the following information available:

  1. Select your County Code from the list below.
  2. Personal Information (i.e. name, address, SSN, email address, etc.)
  3. Beneficiary Information (The person you would like to leave your benefit to when you pass away) (i.e. their name, address, Tax ID or SSN)
  4. Review Plan Investment Options Check Out Your Investment Options

Step One:

To setup your account and enroll online: 

Visit AIG Retirement Services (now Corebridge Financial) website to establish your retirement plan account.  Click Here to go to general enrollment website or you can click on your County below to setup your account.

Androscoggin County

Aroostook County

Cumberland County

Franklin County

Hancock County

Kennebec County

Knox County

Lincoln County

Oxford County

Penobscot County

Piscataquis County

Sagadahoc County

Somerset County

Waldo County

Washington County

York County

Enroll by phone:

You may enroll by phone by calling 1-888-569-7055, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., to speak with an enrollment specialist.

Enroll with a financial professional:

Remember, you don't have to go it alone. Your local Retirement Plan Consultant is always available to assist you. 

 Contact My Representative at Corebridge Financial


Step Two:

Complete and return your Length of Service Award Plan Joinder Agreement 

A joinder agreement is required to ensure you become a participant in the plan.  The joinder agreement can be filled out using our pdf file or you can print the file and fill it out on paper. You may not be entitled to awards under the plan if you fail to complete and return a joinder agreement timely to the Chief of your Department. 

 When completing the joinder agreement, you will need the following information:

  • Your Personal Information (i.e. name, address, Social Security Number, etc)
  • Department Information (i.e. name and county)
  • Review Benefits and Earning Service Credits section for key plan information

Tips to help you complete your Length of Service Award Plan Joinder Agreement 

Part B - Commencing - Enter the date you are completing the form. 

              Award Contribution - Leave Blank.  Amounts to be determined annually by Board and/or your department

Part C - Investments Options - leave blank.  See Step 1 to select your plan investment option

Part D - Termination of Service - Payments from the plan are available following termination of service for participants who have 5 or more years of vested service


Returning Your Signed Joinder Agreement:

Please promptly return your completed and signed joinder agreement to your Department Chief for recordkeeping purposes.  Participants are encouraged to retain a copy for your personal records.